Safety & Security Sector


Bouncer at a nightclub? Security Guard working the night shift? Linela offers a wide range of PPE as well as garments for jobs that involve a bit of rough and tumble.

All garments can be embroidered or printed to your specific requirements and have all been tested and chosen specifically for your needs to be more durable and stand up to a bit of a fight?

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At Linela we can supply you with all your safety wear needs from Hi-Visibility vests to  goggles and boots!!!.



Our experts in the embroidery department will ensure your design is replicated exactly from print to garment/product, offering a variety of options to guarantee the best solution for all your Safety and Security Industry garment requirements.

Garments for the Safety and Security Industry that we can embroider include: -



Polo Shirts



The printing deaprtment will offer a variety of solutions for your print onto PPE and kit as well as garment options. We can print your logo/name on oyur employees Hi Viz to make them really stand out.


We can brand/print on most things - if you have something in mind that isn't in the catalogue get in touch and we'll see what we can do.............