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 Here at Linela we try to get the balance right when we embroider.

We believe that our customers deserve more than just a good embroidered garment, we want it to be the best embroidered garment.

To do this, we have to get 3 things right every time; Ensure that the technical embroidery process is followed correctly, so no cutting corners. Only use garments that stand up to our in-house testing, as there's no point in getting the embroidery bit right, if the t-shirt then falls apart. Always give value for money. We realise that we have to strike the balance of giving our customers a fully embroidered quality t-shirt that doesn't cost the earth!


The Techie Bit  

We worry about the technical side, so our customers don't have to. Great emphasis is put on getting the best result from artwork to logo to design.

We then digitise the design into stitch format, so our state of the art embroidery machines can read the various types of stitches we use, depending on type of product, the size and colour of the logo.

After the artwork and design has been perfected, we then ensure that the application to the garment is undertaken to the exact customer specifications. This requires experienced operators who constantly monitor thread tensions and other technical operations.

Finally, we inspect each garment individually making sure each one is consistent in quality, colour and positioning, and only after all this has been approved, will the garments then be packed and dispatched.  


Our Garment Testing

"With every great logo comes great responsibility"

If we don't get the garment right, then the logo becomes irrelevant, as we haven't given our customers the full product they require. That's why we'll only use garments from recognised quality suppliers and even then, they still go through the "Linela test".

The Linela Test – We test all our sample garments in our scientific quality controlled testing facility. In other words we stamp on them, pull them and then wash them several times to make sure that each garment is with the customer for the long-term.


Getting Value For Money

Amazing logos + Quality Garments + Great prices = Happy customers

We aim to give our customers a logo, garment and service that stands out from the crowd, yet we'll never over-charge. We're looking for long term relationships with our customers, not short-term fixes.

We are constantly researching and updating out garment suppliers from across the globe, ensuring quality, price and durability are always maintained, so that our customers receive a logo, garment and price that makes them happy (Mark - we need a "happy visual" here)


Stand & Deliver

Our in-house delivery drivers and national couriers are the prince charming's of the delivery trade. They're real goody two shoes...getting all our customers orders to them on the exact day promised.

We put great emphasis on delivery, because we know whats it's like waiting around for the postman to come and not delivering that new Adam Ant CD we wanted......

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