About Us

Linela Embroidery is a family run business founded in 1993. Specialising in embroidery, screen-printing, heat sealing, sublimation, promotional products and above all quality and service to both retail and the trade.


Our History

When we started out, we all used to:

Go to the travel agents, watch 4 TV channels, know who's number 1, send faxes, have a map in the car, dial 1471, write letters, shop in C&A, use the yellow pages/dictionary/telephone directory, remember phone numbers, use a diary, tape the charts, call the cinema for the times, take photos to be developed, only have 10 friends and drink Blue Nun....

OK, so we're showing our age, but please don't hold that against us, because along the way, we've also been able to steadily grow our company, recruited some amazing people and maintained all that experience to pass on to you.

The Linela journey started with Embroidery, we then added on the printing and promotional side of our business back in the nineties. Then in the noughties we bought a couple of our competitors and moved to larger premises, so we're ready for anything our customers want to throw at us.

Our Service

Giving value for money, ensuring quality is always maintained and delivering on time is the minimum we'll accept from ourselves.

Because here at Linela we're determined to give our customers more than just a "we sell - you buy" service; we'd like the whole experience to be far more enjoyable.

Whatever sector you're in, it's our aim to really get to know and understand what you're looking for, that way we can work with you, give some fresh ideas or even just help select the right products specifically for you.

And all this is included in the cost, there are no hidden extras. We believe that getting to know our customers, understanding their requirements and working together, means everybody wins.

Our Ethics

When we first sat around the table of our local pub, with our Kickers and shell suits on, all those years ago, we decided that we wanted Linela to be different from the norm. We were determined to create a company that was fun to deal with, because we wanted to have fun as well.

It's really important that our customers enjoy working with us, while making sure each and everyone receives fantastic service, amazing delivery and value for money, that way hopefully they'll come back.


Our Name

Linela was an idea from our illustrious leader Elaine Linda Such. The Empress of Embroidery, the Princess of Printing, the um.....Goddess of gifts. We tried Elalin, but is sounded too much like Ellen, so we switched it around.


Our Management Team

Meet the people that put us in this place...it's their fault.

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